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Panoramic view of your lab

Regulations in bioscience are getting stricter every year. The more an organisation knows about their laboratory activity, the easier it is to abide to regulation. 

Wouldn't it be nice...

... if conducting scientific experiments and documenting them, were done at the same time, without human input?

The Panorama Reproducibility System (PRS) is a series of hardware solutions that provide data to a LIMS/E-notebook system, but require no human input.. 

An example:

The Panorama Beacon is a small add-on device for mechanical micropipettes that automatically measures pipette actions without any input other than the action itself. Instantly, objectively and automatically. This means proving a lack of human error in your results a breeze!

Digital systems are good at providing objective documentation, why force scientists to spend their brainpower and time on it?

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