1 minute is very short, so let me elaborate a bit more here:

We are exploring the opportunity of automated documentation in the life sciences, because we have seen how much this could potentially speed up life science R&D. 

You can check out how we are automating documentation on the 'Technology' page.

If that sounds interesting, we have the following opportunity for you:

We want to build smart documentation devices for your R&D lab that save you as much time and money as possible, in exchange for knowing how much time and money it saved you.

This way, we can both help you shorten your research track as soon as possible, and gather the information required to find the fairest business model for our customers and ourselves.

If you are curious, please leave your E-mail here, and I will E-mail you personally in the coming week.

Max(imillian) Green - Founder/CEO @ Panorama Labs

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