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Who we are

At Panorama Laboratories, we use our knowledge of the bioscience laboratory environment, automation hardware and software engineering to automate documentation generation. By using smart sensor networks, we generate relevant laboratory data without changing any existing workflows. 

Our goal is to prevent scientists from spending time on documentation, so they can instead focus their time on what scientists are trained to do. Conduct science.

Managing Team

Jan Zender

Managing Director

While studying Informatics and Economics at Leiden University, Jan Zender was always keen to join entrepreneurial endeavors. After teaming up with Max Green for several lab related projects, he has taken the position as managing director at Panorama Laboratories.

In his role, he makes sure Panorama Laboratories is well connected to industry experts and that the day to day business of the company runs smoothly. 

Maximillian Green

Technical Director

While studying Life Science and Technology at Leiden University, Max Green was surprised to notice that most of the laboratory workflow was very similar to that in the 80's. At the same time, he was very excited to see all the different technologies that were being created in the laboratory environment,

After building several laboratory hardware centered projects, Max Green is now the technical force behind Panorama Laboratories. In his current role, he designs new product concepts, prototypes them, and manages the further development of these products.