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All bioscience that matters, is properly documented bioscience.

For publication and crossing regulation hurdles alike, high quality documentation of scientific methods is essential. For that reason it's no surprise that we spend about 30% of our lab resources on assuring this quality. But what if we could allocate those resources to innovation, instead of quality control?

A necessary evil...

For good QC, every researcher needs to write down everything they do and let someone else check it. A tiresome, distracting and expensive process. But no innovation lives without it...

By embedding measurement capabilities into laboratory tools, we unburden researchers and automate QC data collection. This data only relies on the fact that the action has taken place, and not on any kind of explicit human input.

We measure execution.

Pipetting, but better.

Our first product is the Panorama Beacon. This add-on device for micropipettes automatically generates all data necessary for QC for pipetting steps.

Enjoy a Panoramic view of your laboratory