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Automating compliance in Life Science R&D

With the recent Coronavirus outbrake, we see that vaccine development is speeding up from a normal 8 year R&D track, to a 12 - 18 month R&D track. This is done by firstly by some awesome researchers that are working very hard. But in order to speed up the process up, loosening regulation and increasing compliance reporting efforts dramatically has also played a critical role.

By gathering the right kind of data from the life science R&D environment (the laboratory), we aim automate documentation and compliance to bring this R&D speed to all life science innovations.

Step 1:

A new kind of lab

Lab equipment needs an update, don't you think? The tools used in life science R&D have hardly changed since the 80s. We are building a lab equipment suite based on current technological standards, while at the same time building documentation tools into the most common lab tools.

Step 2:

Automate documentation

The new data streams from lab tools will enable completely automated documentation. By linking the action and the documentation of that action without human input, documentation becomes objective, complete and free from time investment.

Step 3:

Complete compliance overview

By combining data streams from the tools with the results from measurement devices, regulative documents can be automatically generated. Instead of typing, triple checking and more paperwork, compliance can be reduced to a single button press.